The Weather’s Warm. Must be Time for Pictures!

Like most, I go into hibernation mode in winter. Now that the weather has decided to be cooperative and warm, I’m so excited to be out and be able to take pictures. Yesterday, I went out to a local park and snapped away.  Here are some of the shots I took. If you’d like to see the full set, check it out on Flickr here.

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Everyone has a favorite spring activity. Mine is photography. What’s yours?

25 @ 25: Shadow Play

I am currently in the gorgeous state of Maine visiting some dear friends.  We headed to the beach yesterday and I went nuts with my camera!  The scenery is breathtaking.

The sun was brilliant that day, so I decided to play with shadows for this week’s self-portrait:

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25 @ 25: Artist at Work

I’ve gotten quite crafty over the past month or so.  See?

This week’s 25 @ 25 features a picture of me getting my hands dirty with an X-acto knife, glass, scrapbook paper, and craft glue:

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25 @ 25: Reflections

There was (and perhaps still is) a trend of photographers who take self-portraits with their cameras looking straight into a mirror.   But what about reflections in other surfaces?  I was recently out taking a lot of pictures which focused on texture,when I discovered I could see myself pretty clearly in the bumper of my car.  And this is the resulting shot:

Can you tell I don’t like showing my face in self-portraits?  Maybe I’ll change that trend next week….

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25 @ 25 Photo Challenge: Kung Fu Fighting

I took up kickboxing earlier in the year.  Over Memorial Day weekend, I  set my camera on a tripod and practiced some kicks and punches.  During this shoot, I not only realized that I sweat at the drop of a hat and make silly faces when I kickbox, but also that I can kick pretty niftily while in mid-air:

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25 @ 25: A Photo Challenge

I recently read an article about self-portrait photography.  I’ve always shied away from self-portraits because I like to focus on other subjects when I’m creating the shots.  But Larry Lourcey, the author of the article, talked about how his creativity was sharpened by self-portraiture.  He made a challenge for himself: since he had just turned 40, he would take a picture of himself each week for 40 weeks. This project challenged Lourcey to turn himself and his interests into a series of captivating images.  The results are incredible!  You can check out his 40@Forty Gallery here.

I’ve recently turned 25, so I thought this challenge would be a pretty cool one to try (turning a quarter of a century old should be commemorated somehow, right?).  So, for the next 25 weeks I’ll be posting a self-portrait.  I’m hoping this discipline of regularly taking pictures will challenge me to get really inventive and sharpen my photography skills.

I’m definitely open to suggestions, so if you have an idea for a setting/theme/etc. feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail 🙂  In the meantime, here’s the first image to kick off the series: