I’m On A Blog!

I’ll admit it: I’m somewhat scared of putting my thoughts out there into the wide world of the interwebs, but I guess that’s what writing – particularly poetry – is about.  So, here’s my attempt at jumping in.  I’m reminded of lyrics by Sonicflood in their song “Carried Away: “I don’t care where or how deep, I’m gonna jump in with both feet.”

As to the focus of this blog, I’m just going to go with the flow.  I have varied interests (poetry, music, God, anime, etc) and I’m sure I’ll write about them all and more.  I’d like for this blog to be thought-provoking and witty, but we’ll see what happens.  I see this as a place to experiment, to write down scraps of ideas before they make it into poems or to post an MS paint drawing if words fail me.   I’m definitely looking forward to the adventure!

Lastly, I’d love for you – yes, you! – to join me in this startling endeavor we call “life.”  If you’ve stopped by, please let me know.  Leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail or send a message via carrier pigeon.  I love interaction.  Conversation, whether deep, funny, or some curious mix, is one of the greatest past times.

Lastly (for real now!), if you’re wondering where the picture in this post was taken, here’s the answer: The Frying Pan at Chelsea Pier, NYC.  They have good meals at reasonable prices, great burgers, and you get to eat on a boat…now really, what could be better than that?