Creative Process/Artist’s Statement

Having only lived on this earth for a little over two decades, Michelle Ovalle has yet to find her definitive voice.  She experiments with textures of tone, at times leaping into the voices of those around her.  While her speaker may shift, the theme of conflict is forever present in her work.  Tension, whether internal, relational, or spiritual, is vital since it is prime fuel for change.

Michelle writes her way through difficulty to release her tangled thoughts, striving to grasp some clarity.  Through sharing her work, she hopes that readers will find scraps of themselves that they can piece together in a mosaic of their own.

Music is a huge part of Michelle’s process. Everything from screaming vocals, club beats, and acoustic arrangements inspire her.  These melodic poles help her depict the intricacies contained in the human experience, though admittedly, there is much of this startling life she has yet to discover.  With pen in hand she looks forward to the challenges and summits, finding poetry in the smallest of moments.


Now for the slightly more professional bio:

Michelle Ovalle is a New Jersey poet who graduated with an MFA from Drew University in 2011.  Her poems and book reviews have appeared or are forthcoming in the Edison Literary Review, Adanna Literary Journal, Precipitate, Gently Read Literature, Generations Literary Journal, and the anthology titled Dear Sister.  Michelle currently teaches grammar and literature at a local community college.  When not writing or teaching, Michelle enjoys photography, mosh pits, and red dresses.

2 thoughts on “Creative Process/Artist’s Statement

  1. I am a thirty something-er who was born of this universe as a creative sole, like yourself. I studied and majored Creative Writing years back in university, and to this day my love of language and desire to express it is only more pronounced. I think your blog reminds me a bit of myself, and that’s why I’m going to follow it.

    • Thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I’m really glad you like my blog enough to follow it. I’ll follow yours as well…I look forward to reading more of your reviews 🙂

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