Kicking the Bucket: Things I’d Like to Do Before I Die

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, this is the second article on the theme of bucket lists.  I  found my list a little overwhelming, so I broke it up into age categories to make it a little more manageable (at least in my mind!).  Here are a list of things I would love to do before I hit certain ages.
Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon (Photo credit: Eric Lim Photography)

Before 30
  • Act in an off-Broadway play
  • Build my own study/studio (I love books and art and wide open spaces.  For more of an idea of what I mean, check out the Pinterest photo album I’ve dedicated to this dream.)
  • Get my first tattoo
  • Get my motorcycle license
  • Get tattooed with my mom (We’ve had a sort of pact that we’d both get tattooed on her 50th birthday, which is fast approaching.  I guess I should think up a design…)
  • Go rock climbing
  • Go skinny dipping
  • Have a picnic in Central park (basket, wine, the works!)
  • Have coffee (or hot chocolate) with Don Miller (I know the saying goes, “Never meet your heroes.”  I’m willing to take the hit on this one.)
  • Learn to play guitar proficiently (I define this as being able to read the music and pick up the tune easily.  I’ve started taking guitar classes, so I’m on my way!)
  • Learn to use a sewing machine
  • Make Cheetara costume (as you’ll see in tomorrow’s post, I’ve dressed up for conventions a few times.  I want to go with a few people to a convention as the Thundercats at some point.)
  • Ride a zip line
  • Run a successful Etsy shop (I define this as 5 or more sales per month in both Roaring Out and Lady Velociraptor)
  • See a Broadway musical (My mom took me to one when I was a baby, so that doesn’t really count)
  • Take a dance class
  • Take a hot air balloon ride
  • Take a road trip where the only parameter is to get back home before I run out of money
  • Take part in a writing residency
  • Try frisbee golf
  • Visit Portland, Oregon
  • Visit Spain
  • Write a fan letter to Jason Statham and see if he responds

flamer (Photo credit: olaerik)

Before 35

  • Adopt a chimp
  • Fly an airplane
  • Get married
  • Go on a missions trip
  • Gut a fish
  • Have my photography published in a magazine or book
  • Have one or two kids
  • Have publication credits from at least 10 different lit mags
  • Make my own beer
  • Publish my first book
  • Raise $5,000 to drill a well with
  • Swing from a chandelier
  • Take a hot air balloon ride
  • Travel to Israel
  • Try blowing glass or working with hot glass
  • Visit Montreal
  • Visit the Globe Theatre in London
  • Walk away from an explosion in slow motion (like the movies!  or Gangnam style)
Flamenco culture is native to Andalusia.

Flamenco culture is native to Andalusia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before 40

  • Be in a band
  • Be in at least one episode of a favorite TV show of mine (preferably Dr Who, but I’d be cool with Supernatural, too)
  • Flamenco dance in Spain
  • Maintain a regular exercise routine (not necessarily go to the gym, but maybe still spar and such)
  • Make my own wine in Napa Valley
  • Read a book a week and write a review for each (I finished a 25 @ 25 photo challenge earlier in the year.  Perhaps I can do a 40 @ 40 book review challenge…)
  • Read at a Poetry reading where I am the headliner
  • Ride a gondola in Italy
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Visit all 50 states (alternately, have sex in all 50 states. A friend of mine mentioned that she had done this and it sounded like a fun, unique challenge 😉 )
Laurel wreath

Laurel wreath (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before 50
  • Become Poet Laureate of the state I’m currently living in
  • Make a habit of traveling abroad each year

I must give credit where credit is due.  I would not have written out a bucket list were it not for the blogs of these two lovely ladies: Lesley Carter and Julie

Check out their blogs.  They do some pretty incredible stuff 🙂

What is one item on your bucket list?

10 thoughts on “Kicking the Bucket: Things I’d Like to Do Before I Die

  1. I have a few of those on my list as well. I’m attempting to teach myself the strange contraption that is the sewing machine. Also, keep me posted on the Jason Statham thing, cause that’s just awesome.

    I might have to do a bucket list myself 🙂

    • Bucket lists are so much fun and I highly recommend making one! Haha, I will certainly keep you posted on the Jason Statham fan letter!

      Be sure to post your bucket list when you write it!

  2. Love your post, Michelle. Though my famous brain autocorrect read “Swing from a chandelier” as “Swing from a cheerleader”. I don’t know what that means, but it had me laughing. While there are lots of things I would like to do, the only one that I feel I *have* to do before the end is visit the Tower of London. How can I not visit some place I have read soooo much about? Anyway, happy new year and best of luck bucket-ing in 2013!

    • Love your bucket list item! It’s so true that we often read so much about something and never go to visit. Happy New Year to you too 🙂

      Hahaha, I love your brain’s autocorrect 🙂

  3. Wow…..I don’t know if I could come up with this many things!! Not gonna lie….this has made me think that I should sit down and try. And it’s obvious that the fan letter needs to happen, like, now. And then be posted on here so we can see it!!

    • By all means, write up a bucket list! It wasn’t until I saw the lists of others that I hunkered down and wrote my own. It’s fun 🙂

      Though one thing was brought to my attention after I posted: I only posted goals up to 50 years of age…I certainly hope to live past that! I’ll have to add an addendum at some point.

      Hehe, I will certainly post the fan letter to Jason Statham once I write it and find a legitimate address I can send it to 🙂

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  5. Nice, Michelle. This great photographer I met once and now follow her blogs:, calls it her Life List. I started writing one, but I like the idea of sharing it…I’m inspired by reading yours and hers and others and might be more motivated to do mine if people are asking about it 🙂 Have fun!

    • Yes, I definitely encourage you to make a “Life List!” It’s so much fun 🙂 I found while making mine that no matter how outlandish my wish was, with enough planning, everything is totally doable (even walking away from an explosion in slow motion 😉 )

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