25 @ 25: Veins, Network of Blue Highways

I wrote a poem a while back that has the line: “veins, network of blue highways.”  So I thought I’d try to take a picture based on that line.  It was harder to get my blue veins to show than I thought, but at least ya’ll know where the idea comes from:

Want to see the post that kicked off the 25 @ 25 project?  Check it out here!


4 thoughts on “25 @ 25: Veins, Network of Blue Highways

  1. I wonder why it is a challenge to get the blue to show. Yesterday I tried to photograph a bruise–shades of blue, purple, black–on my calf and it didn’t look half as impressive in the photo as the real thing. I will eventually include the picture on my blog with details of the new thing I was trying when I earned it. Hope it’s one of just a few injuries I’ll need to report!

    • I also tried photographing a bruise and it didn’t show up very well. But maybe it’s good that injuries don’t show up well in photos!

      Glad you’re ok and can’t wait to read about your new adventure 🙂

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