Always Badass, Always Bearded: The Board of Manliness

The conversations in my office already tend toward the uncommon.  Sometimes, they have epic results.  A few weeks ago, two co-workers and I were discussing who would make up the Board of Manliness.  Someone has to have the final vote on what’s manly and what isn’t, right?  I enthusiastically suggested Jason Statham, but the nays outvoted me.

Here is the final version of the Board:



Bruce Lee – would you mess with him?  I wouldn’t.

Wilford Brimley – the grandfather influence for the group

Grizzly Adams – the man has a bear for a pet. ‘Nuff said.

The Dos Equis Man – the most interesting man in the world

John Wayne – for the classic western influence

Samuel L. Jackson – can you think of a manlier voice?  Neither could we.

Chuck Norris – because he would hunt us down if we didn’t include him.

Stone Cold Steve Austin – for the brute force

The Fonz – because every board needs a leather jacket

The Old Spice Guy – because he’s on a horse (and is fond of monocles)

Theodore Roosevelt – for his intelligence and leadership

Johnny Cash – the manly artist

Sean Connery – for the classy influence


In the end, I think this is a pretty solid board (even without Jason Statham).  What do you think?  Is there anyone else you would add to the Board?

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