25 @ 25: Artist at Work

I’ve gotten quite crafty over the past month or so.  See?

This week’s 25 @ 25 features a picture of me getting my hands dirty with an X-acto knife, glass, scrapbook paper, and craft glue:

Want to know a bit more about this 25 @ 25 project?  Check out the post that started it all here.

2 thoughts on “25 @ 25: Artist at Work

  1. I’d love to have an X-acto knife for some of my craft projects, but I wouldn’t trust myself with it – I’ve been known to accidentally slice myself opening up packages with a box cutter 😦

    • Oh noes! I must admit, X-acto knives are quite addicting. They are very precise, so perhaps they would not make you so prone to cutting accidents.

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