Always Be Businessing

Recently, I discovered the wonder that is Business Bonesaw.  This man (THE man, actually) talks about his secrets to success.  These include already being rich and appearing via satellite as often as possible.  Sound advice, sir.

As someone who is fairly new to the career world, I took his advice to heart, particularly his number one maxim–ABB, Always Be Businessing.  So I do.  I business at work, at home, and on my newly purchased yacht (I call her “Your Boat Can Sail in My Yacht’s Pool 7.”  I also own 1 – 6).  I get things done.

So, remember, you can’t be a business success unless you ABB (even on your day off whilst barefoot and in a sun dress).

I've been bonesawed!


2 thoughts on “Always Be Businessing

    • Thanks, Lynne! The mug says “Always Be Businessing.” I thought I had taken a close enough shot that it was legible, sorry about that! I’m businessing with crafts nowadays. I’ve bought tons of supplies for glass etching, fabric coasters, and woodburning (among others). I think my etsy store will be very well-stocked in the near future 🙂

      How are you, Lynne? What are you businessing in these days? Thanks for your comment 😀

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