Jesus and the Doctor

I often have seemingly disparate thoughts floating around in my head. The latest is a comparison between Jesus and Doctor Who. Let me explain….it is too much. Let me sum up:

About two weeks ago, I saw the clip from “The Passion of the Christ” that portrays Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. This has always been my favorite scene from the Gospels. It is here, I think, that Jesus is at His most human. He is broken, asking for “the cup” of the cross to be taken from Him. In that moment, He didn’t want to go through with it. And yet, He is strong enough to say “not my will, but Yours be done.” Stunning.

What I love about “The Passion” portrayal is that the movie shows Satan tempting Jesus. It really made this moment come alive for me and brought it to a place that I think everyone can relate to on some level:

A few days after watching this clip, I saw the Doctor Who episode titled “Journey’s End.” I’ve often thought that if Jesus were to come back in human form today, he’d be a lot like Dr. Who — dynamic, fun, engaging. This scene from “Journey’s End” really cemented that feeling for me:

One particular line that stuck out from this clip was, “How many have died in your name?”  The flashback shows friends of the Doctor, humans and aliens whom he knew anywhere from a few hours to many, many years before they died.  The look in David Tennant’s eyes when he remembers those deaths, the destruction he never meant to leave in his wake, is palpable and heart-wrenching.

The question posed to the Doctor could also be asked of Jesus. There have been countless martyrs for the cause of Christ. But the question can be posed another way– how many have been killed by Christians in the name of Jesus? Or, to re-phrase again, how many atrocities have been committed in His name? I wonder if this was one of the ways Jesus was tempted in the Gethsemane– not “You can’t do this,” but rather “If you do this, atrocious acts You want nothing to do with will be committed in Your name.”

And perhaps if Jesus came back today, His enemy would not confront Him with “I have shown You Yourself,” but instead “I have shown You the people You died for… and how they continue to get it wrong.”  And He keeps loving anyway.

3 thoughts on “Jesus and the Doctor

  1. Hey there:

    You are so right!

    Suzy Rahn turned me on to your blog and I was always amazed at the atheism of Russell Davies (the head writer/exec. producer of the rebooted series). I am not criticizing him for his belief. God gave freewill.

    Yet, in the season 3, the Master has taken over the world, the Doctor has aged thousands of years and is this miniature old man stuck in a cage.

    Martha escapes, and you find out, has spent a year telling people about the Doctor. It happens that at one big moment, everyone thinks about the Doctor, he gets power from their thoughts and beats the Master.

    I thought, “For a guy who does not believe in a God, he clearly shows he wants a Messiah at some point.”

    Thanks for posting this!

    • Hi, Don! Thanks for checking out my blog….Suzy is so rad 🙂

      I have to say I was not terribly shocked when I found that Davies was an atheist. I think there is something in everyone that wants to believe there is something greater than the human race, whether it be aliens or gods. Oooh, I love the episode you referenced. For the whole two parts the Doctor keeps saying, “I can help you. Listen to me.” And, of course, the Master never does. But in the Master’s final moments, the Doctor says that he should’ve listened because, “I forgive you.” Powerful stuff! And I think it’s powerful because it transcends the human experience. Forgiveness is, unfortunately, not common. So, for the Doctor to say that is huge and totally unexpected.

      Thank you for your comment and for subscribing to my blog! I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

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