Want to Know If You’re Fashion Saavy? Ask My Male, Straight, Colorblind Roommate

This is Fletcher:

As you can see from the picture, Fletcher likes shiny things.  Fletcher also has a pension for sharp objects and fire.  Fletcher and I are roommates.

We had a discussion a little while back about fashion.  I walked into the apartment with a pair of boots whose heels had shattered.  The bottoms had completely fallen apart and the only reason I could still walk in them was because it was winter and snow had frozen inside the broken heels.  I mentioned to Fletcher that I needed a new pair of black boots and he asked, “Why?”  I told him that the heels were broken.

End of discussion, right?  Nope.

Fletcher went off on this comical rant about how ice-heeled boots were all the winter rage.  He paced, he kind of raised his voice, he pointed his index finger!  I told him the shoes wouldn’t be so fancy when they melted, to which he replied that all I needed to do was stick them in the freezer all night, every night.

Since Fletcher’s wardrobe tends toward the denim and t-shirt camp, I questioned his fervor on the ice-heels.  How could he possibly speak with authority when he didn’t pay any attention to fashion (not to mention the fact that he’s colorblind, which can be a nightmare when trying to coordinate an outfit…or so I’ve heard)?

His answer?  “Since I’m straight I look at a lot of women, so I know what looks good on them.”  I couldn’t argue with that logic.

So if you really want to know if your fashion sense is up to speed, ask my male, straight, colorblind roommate (who sometimes poses for silly pictures):

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