Ripping Out the Hazard Lights

I recently read an interesting quote in the blog of one of my favorite authors.  Don Miller quotes the movie “True Grit” when he writes, “I do not entertain hypotheticals, the world as it is is vexing enough.”  Sometimes you’ve just got to stop worrying about what might happen and exercise some chutzpah.  I’ve done this recently by submitting a few of  my poems to a literary magazine I don’t think I’ll get into…but you never know.

My latest venture has been opening up an Etsy store.  I haven’t got much posted for sale, but it’s a good start on something I’ve wanted to do for a while.  If you’d like to check it out, go to: or click on the “Etsy Store” tab on the menu bar of this blog </shameless plug>.  I’m a bit self-conscious about crafting, but there’s nothing to lose in putting yourself out there….actually, there can be quite a bit to lose.  If you invest in a business and it tanks, you lose money.  If you ask someone out, you risk rejection.  In any situation, there is always the possibility of failure.  And that possibility often casts a pretty long shadow.


But I prefer to think that despite success or lack thereof, I’m going to at least give it a shot; the effort and experience will be worth it in the end.  As Rob Bell, another fav author of mine, writes in his book Velvet Elvis: “Better to try and fail, because at least you were being true to yourself.  And the worst thing would be to live wondering, What if?”  This line of thinking has got me ripping out the hazard lights; I’ve stopped moving cautiously.  Speed or skid, I’m here for the ride.


And sometimes risk pays off.  Take this blog for example.  I’m so glad I ventured into starting it.  I’ve gotten a bunch of lovely notes saying how much people like what I’m doing here on “Roaring Out”.  Thanks so much if you’ve reached out to me!  Your support is much appreciated 🙂

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